Albertos Arouh

Current Status:

- Professor of Economics at the American College of Greece, Deree College, Athens, Greece

- Food writer and restaurant critic in the Sunday supplements of the newspaper Eleftherotypia (as "Epicouros")


The following is a short CV of "Epicouros"

2003- Food columnist and restaurant critic in "Gourmet", food magazine of Eleftherotypia

2005- Member of the "Gourmet" Restaurant Awards Committee of Eleftherotypia

2008- Instructor in the theory of gastronomy, seminars organized by "Gourmet"

2004- Columnist on gastronomy in Cogito, a philosophy magazine published in Greek

2002- Columnist on gastronomy in the Greek edition of Harper's Bazaar

1999- Columnist on gastronomy in the magazine Status

2002-06 Columnist on gastronomy in the magazine EY ZHN

2003-4 Restaurant critic in the daily Citipress

2002-3 Columnist on gastronomy in the magazine MEN

2001-2 Restaurant critic in the Sunday supplement "View" of Kathimerini newspaper

1994-2003 Restaurant critic in the financial daily Kerdos


• Director of the series of books entitled "Gastronomy and Thought", published by Polytropon Press (2008-2009)

• Director of the series of books entitled "Words and Tastes", published by Novoli Press (2010- ).

• Comedo Ergo Sum: Ten Dialogues on Food, Novoli Press 2010.

• Art Cuisine: Food as Art, Imako Press, 2006 (Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2007).

• A Critique of Food Reason, Kedros Press, 2006.

• Chapter in Authenticity in the Kitchen, Prospect Books, 2006.

• A Taste of Sephardic Salonica, with Nina Benroubi, Fytrakis Press, 2002.

• The Best Restaurants of Athens, Best Press, 2001-2.

Articles and Conferences

2007 Food as Art, paper delivered in the Conference: Nectar and Ambrosia - Feed the Artists that Feed the Mind, Athens, Greece.

2005 Food as Art and the Question of Authenticity, paper delivered in the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, Oxford.



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