Vicky Iglezou

Vicky Iglezou is currently director of the Maniatakeion Foundation. The Maniatakeion Foundation is a private, non-profit, public service institution based in Athens, Greece. It was established in 1995 by Dimitris Antonis Maniatakis and Eleni Tagonidi Maniataki. Its main purpose is to identify, promote and internationalize the comparative advantages of Koroni and the wider region of Messinia. The Emblematic Community of Koroni has appointed the Maniatakeion Foundation as its technical advisor responsible to highlight the cultural and economic dimension of Mediterranean Diet.

Vicky Iglezou was born and raised in Athens. She studied at the Panteion University Political Sciences with specification at the International Studies and holds a Master of Arts in International Relations Theory at the University of Kent.

She has been a trainer of Continuing Vocational Training Programs.

She has experience in the management of human recourses at the Ilioupolis Institute Training System (I.E.K.) and the Pefki Vocational Training Centre.

For more than five years she has work experience as a writer and evaluator of European educational and Regional Operational programs (P.E.P.).

From 2002 she is a member in a number of Special Scientific Committees at the Organization for Vocational Education and Training System.

She speaks English and Italian.

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