Elias Mamalakis

Elias Mamalakis was born in Athens. He studied Economics, worked many years as a senior executive in multinational companies. After several experiences, being around forty years old, he started dealing with gastronomy.

- He has written to this date twelve (12) books (including one novel) with the mainstream always being cooking and welfare, and three CD with recipes and fairytales.
- In April 2007 he took over as director of of the BBC OLIVE issue, in its Greek version.
- He was Issue Director of the cooking insert of the “World of Investor” entitled “Delicacies”.
- He edits the culinary pages of ELLE magazine
- He was for three years the main presenter of the show "The Kitchen Full speed" on MEGA CHANNEL.
- He was the editor and presenter of the show BOUKIA & SYCHORIO presented at MEGA CHANNEL
- From the channel ET3 he presented a series of documentaries on the history of Greece. In the first season he brought the pre-revolutionary period and the life of Katsantonis and second season he presented the life of Theodore Kolokotronis.
- He participated in the play "The Delicious" at the Train in Rouf, directed by Tatiana Ligari.
- He has designed a series of 6 different chocolates on behalf of Fresh Patisserie one of which is green tea and another with salt
- To this date he is a consultant to the food industry on issues of taste.
- He is a founding member of the site Protagon.gr of Stavros Theodorakis where the journalism he does have nothing to do with matters relating to the kitchen.
- He holds seminars on the Greek cheese, ancient Greek cuisine, Mediterranean diet and more.
- He holds a daily radio show on the Oasis frequency 88 at 10.00, 12.00, at 16.00 and 19.00 and two-hour broadcast every Saturday at 12.00 at the frequency 96.6 Difono.
- He participates as a judge in the contest of the Greeks in the TOP CHEF on Antenna.


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