Manolis Koutoulakis

Manolis Koutoulakis was born in 1983 in Crete.


He studied Planning and Regional Development at the Polytechnic faculty of the University of Thessaly, and continued his studies by obtaining a Master's Degree in "Planning and Regional Policy". Currently is preparing his doctoral thesis on International and European Relations at the University of Piraeus. At the same time he is participating as a teaching assistant at the University of Piraeus, in subjects such as: Economic Analysis, European Economic and Monetary Policy, Structure Functions and Policies of the EU, financial crisis management.


Since November 2010, is working for the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, as a Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Investment and Development and his main working tasks are: design and evaluation of development policy, analysis and preparation of legislative changes to enhance the business environment, monitoring of implementation of the special Regimes of the new investment law (3908/11), participation in business meetings with foreign delegations (Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Austria, etc.) to attract foreign investments, etc.


M. Koutoulakis participates actively in planning and promoting the Special Regime “Clustering and Networking” of Law 3908/11 and the corresponding Open Call of 2011 for the support of business clusters.


He has been a research associate of the Centre for Development of South-Eastern Europe (SEED Unit) and external associate of the Laboratory for Evaluation of developmental Policies and Programmes (University of Thessaly), participating as a project manager and / or principal researcher in the implementation of European and national programs and projects on behalf of international organizations, Ministries and local authority bodies.


He has previously worked as local development and private investment Consultant, working mainly on spatial location of public and private investments, local development planning schemes and attraction of funds. His research background and professional experience - in more than 40 projects and studies - focus on areas such as:

• The implementation of programs aimed at local sustainable development.

• Provide consulting services to urban issues, planning and policy

• Integrated Programmes and Community Initiatives.

• The implementation of European territorial cooperation programs.

• Sectoral studies on regional development.

• The regional development and promoting entrepreneurship.

• Information, advice and coaching of new and existing businesses.

• Support for entrepreneurship.

• Support tourism enterprises and the promotion and dissemination of alternative tourism.


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