Ioannis Karampasis

Ioannis Karampasis was born and raised in Athens. He studied at the University of Patras (Chemical Dept), and at the University of Oxford (D.Phil, Physical Sciences, Chemistry). He worked for the creation of the National Documentation Centre at the National Hellenic Research Foundation and he contributed for thirteen years to its consolidation. Main specialized contributions was the creation of the “National Archive of Doctoral Dissertations" and the implementation of the Hellenic Research Antenna (HERA) Greek - European Project, which led to the operation of the two Innovation Relay Centers in Greece. Following step was to take the Position of the Managing Director of Patras Science and Technology Park SA, with a mandate – which was fully completed within six years - to develop and implement a business operational plan for the organization and operation of this Regional Facility, to assist for the development and exploitation of innovative technologies and for the emergence of related business units within the framework of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. He then returned to Athens to work for the Information Society SA as Director of the Administration and Finance Department for the development of Information Technology Projects for the Greek State. He comes back to Sustainable Development through Innovations working as a Consultant. He broadens the concept Innovation Zones which is applied to a relative project in Thessaloniki and starts mentoring (coaching) new start-up businesses with innovative potential (Virtual Trip SA, EPIGNOSIS Ltd). Since 2006, he starts approaching subjects with respect to Kyoto Protocol¢s flexible mechanisms and related voluntary systems, to carbon credits and carbon allowances, and works on planning and implementing projects related to greenhouse management, to corporate - business adaptation to climate change and to business sustainable development – green entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

In 2009 he joins co-founding Green Evolution SA a company dealing with aspects related to environment, energy and carbon finance which offers specialized related technological – financial services. His business function since then focuses on “green business and organizations operation”, carbon footprint accounting and labeling, sustainable development, with an emphasis towards the assimilation of technological and organizational innovations, and on business projects for obtaining/ awarding environmental and climate related green labels.

Currently he is involved for a framework, practical aspects, criteria and indices to allow a company to follow a beneficial development route embracing sustainable tourism. He participates in the social network domain through @ioakar. He has a son, Zafeiris Karampasis, sociologist, 31 years old, who is an active Social Media Consultant.



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