Markos Kafouros

Markos Kafouros is currently Chairman of the Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products and vice Mayor in the Municipality of Thira. He was born and raised in Santorini. He studied at the Agricultural University of Athens, was an agronomist at the Interprofessional Association of Wine OPAP, the Sub-Perfecture of Thera and the Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products - Santo Wines, first as an agronomist and assistant general manager and then as chairman since 2007. The agronomic science combined with his great love for his homeland and for unique products produced by the volcanic earth, led Markos to fight passionately for the emergence of these products. He participated actively as a member of the organizing committee of conference on "Cherry Tomato", the "Ampelos", the "Phytogenetic Wealth and Agricultural Heritage of the Cycladic Islands", held in Santorini and approached scientific questions of local agricultural production, gave wide publicity to Santorini and formed products triggered the emergence of fava of Santorini as PDO and due recognition and cherry tomato of Santorini as PDO. His participation in agricultural research programs in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and the National Agricultural Research Foundation for the study and promotion of products was decisive. Markos contributes regularly to a variety of print and electronic publishes always about Santorini and the rich agricultural wealth and participates in conferences and events with content in rural Greece. He is married and has two sons. You can find his profile on facebook.

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