Dimitris Michailides

Technical knowledge in Electrical Engineering, Management, Safety Engineering, Administration and Environmental protection

Editor of newsletter “AgroNea”, journalist in newspaper “Agrotiki”, Studier for Regional Culinary Heritage as development “tool”, Technical Consultant in the creation of a Regional Culinary Heritage network and a Local Pact for Quality in tourism service, Animator in citizens’ initiatives such as the Biofood Network (NPO), the Panhellenic Young Farmers Union, AGROXENIA for agrotourism and the Informational and supporting network for rural citizens of Thessaly, National Coordinator for the Greek network of Rural Information and Promotion Carrefour, Project coordinator for Vocational training at Rural Areas,

Coordinator for more than 2000 activities from 1993 to 2010 to motivate and animate the citizens to participate at the “bottom-up” development process. Organizer for approximately 200 conferences and exhibitions specialized in local traditional products and services.

Speaker and author for Rural Development, Local Development, Local Action Groups, Lifelong Learning, Culinary Heritage, Innovation, Promotion of local agricultural products, Agroturism and Entrepreneurship.

Made study visits in Albania, FYROM, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Israel.

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