Christos Sokolis

Christos Sokolis was born and raised in Piraeus. He studied Marketing at the Athens University of Economics while his great love about gastronomy led him to travel to France, for wine tasting seminars and specialized courses on wine at WSET (International Higher Cerificate). In 2000 he enters actively the industry of taste as a shareholder of the famous chain of bakeries "Fresh Pastry Shops". In 2007 he founded the Epigefsis SA subject to the import and distribution of high quality culinary products. In 2009, utilizing his knowledge of the Greek food market, he founded the consulting company Food Concepts, designed to provide specialized package of services marketing and public relations exclusively in the food and drinks high gastronomy. His vision: the recognition and establishment of Greek gastronomy to the international culinary scene. Important moments in the professional career is the year 2003, which acquires a substantial share of the company Fresh pastry and begins the plan to substantially restore the Greek market in 2008 when it was born the idea for a new marketing company around quality Greek food! Today, he deals with the emergence and extroversion of the Greek high-quality products through the Food Concepts, which manages portfolio of ten major Greek producers. He participates in culinary seminars and conferences gastronomy and tourism in Greece and abroad. He observes and records the world but especially the French scene of restaurants and bakeries on which it has personal passion and personal acquaintances with famous chefs and taste critiques. Christos has accounts on Facebook and twitter and believes that social media will play a key role in the social and business fabric of the coming years. He is married and is the father of two boys.


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